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If you are traveling for business or pleasure next spring or summer, and are thinking about playing some golf while you are on the road, why not avoid the hassle, stress, and extra cost of bringing your clubs with you, and rent clubs from Golf Club Rental Express.
Its easy and affordable, and with our convenient two and three day delivery you can be sure the your clubs will be there when you need them. Click Here for Pricing or more information!



Whether you need Men's, Women's or even Senior right or left hand clubs, we have a set for you, we have even added some extended length men's set for you taller gentlemen.

Each set contains, cavity backed irons, the men's have stainless steel shafts and the women's and senior's have graphite shafts, we also include a pitching wedge and sand wedge, two hybrids, fairway wood, titanium driver and mallet putter. We purchase all of our clubs directly from the manufacturer. We rotate our inventory regularly so that our club look and play like new.

We pride ourselves on having the largest inventory of new clubs on the beach, and because of the quality of our clubs and our service we are one of the fastest growing renting services on the East Coast.



We have made renting an affordable alternative to bringing your clubs with you, that said, we may not always be your best option, if you are renting for one or two days, weight your options before committing.

If however you are looking for three day midweek or weekend rental or even a week long rental, look no further then these summer specials.

Midweek - Weekend Special

Weekly Summer Special

*Rates include estimated shipping costs, rates may vary depending on distance to your destination, delivery to and from residences will be more expensive.



We rely on UPS for the bulk of our deliveries. We can arrange to have your clubs delivered to your lodging facility or even to your first course, delivery to a private residence can be more costly, so keep that in mind. When given enough lead time we will ship the clubs a day or two early just to make sure that your clubs get there on time.

Our standard delivery time for much of the eastern third of the country is two business days, given that UPS does not deliver on Saturday please allow at least an extra day if your want clubs for the weekend.

Providing you with quality clubs in a timely manner and at an affordable rate is our primary objective. To that end we will always look for the most cost effective way to get you your clubs and easiest way for you to get the clubs returned.



Frequently Asked Questions about our Service


  • How much is it going to cost? Pricing is based on three factor: How many days your rent, how many sets you rent, and for our Coast to Coast renters, how far are you from one of our distribution centers. We currently maintain inventory in North Myrtle Beach serving the East Coast, and Milwaukee Wisconsin, serving the Midwest. Because shipping is a major factor in the cost of your rental, rentals that require more than two day may not be cost effective, so before you consider renting, check out our Our UPS Shipping Map to see what your delivery time would be.


  • What's included in the sets? Each set comes complete with all you will need to enjoy your round, a Titanium Driver, (the standard loft is 10.5 but the loft for the ladies and senior sets are a little different) a fairway wood, cavity back forged irons with stainless steel shafts for men and graphite on the women's and senior sets, a pitching and sand wedge, one or two hybrids, depending on the sets, and a mallet putter. The men's set comes with a caddie bags, the ladies and seniors have attractive cart bags. We include a sleeve of balls and some tee to get you started. We stock both right and left hand sets in men's, women's and senior's.


  • How does our rental program work? The process is rather simple, you go on-line, request pricing, we receive your request and send you a proposal and contract, if you are happy with the rental package you make your payment on our secured payment gateway, we schedule delivery, and arrange to have the clubs delivered to either your hotel/resort or to the golf course. When you are finished you call us and we will pick them up at the course or your hotel, whichever is the most convenient for you.


If you have any questions or would like more information about our rental services you can either Email us at or Click Here for more information and pricing.


*Prices may vary, additional Terms and Conditions may apply, sales tax is not included.