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An Event Coordinators Nightmare
Our company was recently asked to provide rental clubs for an event in Atlanta. The event planner may have had success in planning weddings or social gatherings but obviously did not have a lot of experience in putting a golf event together. His biggest mistake was failing to spend enough time working with the course to find out what services they could provide and which services they needed to secure from outside vendors. We were a last minute addition as the course called us to see if we could provide rentals last minute.


To start with the organizer assumed that the course had a full service restaurant and bar but found out at the last minute that neither was the case. Upon arrival at the course on the day of the event the organizer had to drive to a local Dunkin Donuts shop to get several dozen Boxes O’Joe and boxes of donuts for the golfers, they had expected to have a warm breakfast at the course.


Things went from bad to worse when he realized that the course, did not have a full bar, and as a result did not have enough beer and other beverages to adequately meet the needs of the golfers. Again the organizer had to go to a local grocery store at the last minute to get enough beer and other beverages to keep everyone happy.


In the end the course got bad marks and it was not their fault, the event planner lost money, and it all could have been fixed with better planning. No one plans to fail, it just that sometimes we fail to plan. If you are planning an event, work with your course, know what they can do and what they can’t but most importantly plan ahead.


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