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In the eight plus years that I have been managing our rental business the most frequently asked question I have heard is; why should I leave my clubs at home? My counter parts in the rental business will provide you with a litany of reasons to not bring your clubs but I have a different approach. Rather then ask why you should leave them at home, I would prefer to know why you feel you need to bring them with you?

Are you playing in a tournament and afraid you won't be able to compete if you don't have your clubs! If so bring your clubs!


You are playing one of the top courses along with a number of business associates or friends and want to be sure you play your best! Bring your clubs!


You paid a fortune for your clubs and want to show them off to your fellow golfers! Bring your clubs and get a life!


Last but not least you really love your clubs and don't want to leave home with out them! Bring your clubs but talk to your analyst before heading out!


Now that we have answered all the reasons that you can think of for bringing your clubs, now tell me why you don't want to rent! Its too costly! Unless you are flying Southwest you will probably be paying anywhere from $50 - $150 each way depending on how heavy your golf bag is and whether you have a hard case for it. Our average cost for a three day rental in Hilton Head for instance is $64.00.


Its a pain trying to get the clubs, waiting around for someone to deliver or worse yet if they are shipping them to my condo or hotel I never know when they will arrive! Today we offer easy pick up and return at Players World of Sports on Hilton Head and at Roberts Golf in Pinehurst. In the Myrtle Beach area you can pick them up at our shop or we can deliver them to your hotel a day before you arrive and leave them with the concierge when you leave. Aside from that you tell me how much fun it is standing in line to check your bags, and waiting at claims to get your bag when you arrive and hoping that the clubs made it if you had a stop over.


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