"How Does our Event Rental Program Work?"

and "Frequently Asked Questions"



How Do I Get More Information?

To simply get a quote or just more information, complete the Pricing Request Form with as much information as you can. We will provide you with pricing and more detail on how the process works. If you are still interested, we will send you a copy of our rental agreement that outlines the services we will provide, our responsibilities to you, and your responsibilities as it relates to care, custody, and control of the clubs while in your possession, and finally the cost per set. When approved, we will provide you with a delivery schedule and answer any questions you might have.


How Do I Get My Clubs - How Does the Process Work?


Depending on the size of your request we will either ship the clubs to your course or personally deliver the clubs directly to your course. Shipping takes approximately two days so we will see to it that the clubs arrive in plenty time for the event. The clubs will arrive a minimum of two days prior to the event when at possible. They will arrive in individual boxes, your staff will need to remove the clubs and be sure to save the boxes for the return. Once the event is over your staff will return the clubs to the boxes place the return labels which we have included with the clubs, seal the boxes and let us know they are ready for pick up and we will schedule pick up on the first business day.


For larger events we will deliver the clubs ourselves. We will work with the course to schedule a time for delivery and will help with staging the clubs. At the end of the event we will work with your staff to collect the clubs, inventory them, and load them for shipment back to our office.


How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing is based on the number the number of sets you rent, and our cost to deliver or ship the clubs to your course and return them back to our facility. Our pricing includes any delivery costs as well as any applicable state or local taxes. We continue to offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry whether we ship or deliver.


Do I Have to Put A Deposit Down?

Depending on the circumstances, we may require a deposit. The deposit is refundable if you need to cancel prior to twenty-one days before the event. If you cancel in less than twenty-one days we would prorate the deposit and refund the balance. Whatever monies deposited will be credited at the completion of the event.



What Type of Clubs are They and What Clubs are Included in Each Set?

Our sets are manufactured by TOUR EDGE one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the country and offer outstanding products that have developed a tremendous following from serious and not so serious golfers as well as growing number of professional golfers.


In addition to men’s right and left hand sets we also inventory right and left hand women’s sets. Our standard men’s set comes with an oversized Titanium 460cc driver, two fairway woods, a hybrid, 5-9 cavity back irons (stainless steel or graphite shafts) a pitching wedge and sand wedge, mallet putter, and quality caddie bag.


Our standard women’s set 460cc high-loft driver that is designed for superior distance and accuracy, three and five fairway woods, six and seven hybrids, 8-SW irons, and mallet putter in a quality cart bag.


For more information about the equipment we offer check out the “Our Clubs”