The following terms apply to any aspect of this guide (“Agent,” “you”, “your”, and “yourself”) and (“Golf Club Rental Express”, "we," "us," and "our") as they relate to the responsibilities and actions associated with the rental of certain recreational sporting equipment, including, but not limited to, golf clubs, club bags, and related golf equipment and accessories.


Online Requests Receive Internally When "we" receive a request, we will contact "you" to confirm that there is enough inventory available locally to fill the request. "We" will price out the request and email a proposal and rental agreement to the prospect. Once "we" receive a signed agreement and payment in full we will work with "you" to schedule delivery. If no clubs are available locally, "we" will prepare the clubs for shipping. "We" will provide "you" with a summary report daily, detailing what clubs are scheduled for delivery or pickup locally, and what clubs are being shipped in to "your" territory.


Direct to Agent Requests - Online Processing If "you" receive a request for pricing, "you" can utilize the following pricing request form to get pricing and to request a proposal and rental agreement for the customer. Once "you" enter the necessary information relating to the type and number of sets and the length of the rental "you" will have access to cost of the rental. To submit the request, be sure to complete the form with as much detail as possible.


Once "we" receive the request, "we" will process it and email them a proposal along with a Docusign copy of our rental agreement. If they are interested all they need to do is sign the agreement and use our secured payment link to make their payment on line. "We" will contact "you" to confirm local availability and schedule delivery, or will prepare the clubs for shipping. "We" will provide "you' with copies of the proposal and signed agreement. "We" will provide "you" with a summary report daily, detailing what clubs are scheduled for delivery or pick in "your"territory inventory. "You" will be responsible for providing "us" with a daily update on inventory of available clubs.


Direct to Agent Requests - Agent Processing If "you" receive a request for pricing and would prefer to handle the process locally, "you" can use the above mentioned pricing request form to get pricing. "You" do not have to complete the form at this time if all they want is pricing. If the customer is interested, complete the form and submit it. "You" can print the form by using "your" print screen function on your computer, keeping one copy for "your" file and one for the customer. "We" will provide "you" with a copy of "our" rental agreement on Word. "You" can fill out the agreement, print two copies and have the customer sign at least one of them for "your" file.


Payment can be handled in one of two ways, either the customer can pay "you" or they can go on line and make the payment on "our" website. Keep in mind that sales tax is included in the pricing so "you" would be responsible for the sales tax. At the end of the day "you" would provide us with a summary report of the days activity including deliveries, pickups, and on site sales. "We" will provide "you" with a listing of all outstanding deliveries and pickups for "your" area. At the end of each week "we" will produce a balance sheet with all commissions owed and any onsite sales completed. Commissions minus and onsite sales will be paid on the first of each month.