Delivering quality named brand golf clubs to travling golfers for more than five years with a fast, efficient, and cost effective alternative to bringing your clubs with you

If you are thinking of playing some golf on your next vacation or business trip, but don't want the hassle or added baggage fees associated with bringing your clubs with you, then check out how convenient and in-expensive it can be to rent from Golf Club Rental Express.

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Our rental pricing is all inclusive with fixed rates depending on the number of days you rent. Our rates include any and all applicable state and local taxes, and any shipping costs for deliveries outside the Myrtle Beach area. There are no hidden fees or service charges.


Delivery costs outside of the Myrtle Beach area can vary and rentals that require more than two days shipping can be more expensive. Depending on the number of days you plan to rent, it may be cost prohibitive and not the best solution, talk to one of our specialists to see what's right for you.


We do offer discounts for multi-set and frequent renters. We do not hold your credit card or require security deposits for most rentals.


We include a Limited Damage Warranty on each set at no additional charge. It covers damage to a club up to $75.00. You will be charges for any lost or missing clubs and headcovers at the full replacement cost.


Please call 888-479-4301 if you have any questions about our pricing




Most of our inventory is shipped or delivered locally from our distribution center in Little River, South Carolina. As mentioned we prefer to ship only to regions of the country that are within two days of UPS ground shipping. To see if your destination falls within two day shipping, click on our Shipping Map Link.


We are very flexible as to when and where we can deliver your clubs. We can deliver the clubs to your hotel, resort, or golf course and will generally arrive one to two days prior to your arrival. However if we are delivering to a local golf course the clubs will arrive approximately and hour prior to your tee time.


Keep in mind, some of the vacation rental facilities and most of the Airbnb's do not have reception desks and we recommend that you talk to one of our rental agents before scheduled your delivery.


If the clubs are being shipped to a destination outside the immediate Myrtle Beach area, they will arrive in a box. In the box you will find return instructions and return labels.


Please call 888-479-4301 if you have any questions about our pricing